segunda-feira, 21 de outubro de 2013

Baby, baby...

To Steven, my teenage dream.

Oh my! My dear baby
There's no way I can pretend
Baby, baby I think I've fallen
Down in love with you again
A big bright full moon was shinnin'
In the skies of Sunday night
Our memories comming back
Us two there, side by side
Then you sang that song again
And then again it was so deep
That I flew lighter and higher
'till the floor was off my feet
I'd been missing you for sure
But I see you're still the same
I still shiver, blush and adore
Everytime you spell F. I N.E.
The way your voice turned out in flame
In that song you sang again
Made me wanna hold you bad
Made me really wanna bang
The way your voice still pleases me, baby
My dear old-good-boyfriend
Made me such a great surprise,
Made me fall (live, in love) for you again.